Small Claims Court

We assist client in providing advice and representation where merited in small claims court. This court has jurisdiction over any money or the return of personal property valued at $35,000 or less, not including interest and costs.

To sue a person or business in Small Claims Court, your lawsuit, called a claim, must fall into one of the two following categories:

1. You can sue for claims for money owed under an agreement, such as:

  • goods or services sold and delivered that weren’t paid for
  • unpaid loans
  • unpaid rent
  • NSF (non-sufficient funds) cheques

2. You can sue for claims for damages, such as:

  • property damage
  • clothes damaged by a dry cleaner
  • personal injuries
  • breach of contract

If you want to sue for more than $35,000, you will have to take your case to the Superior Court of Justice (“civil court”).

We provide clients with legal advice and representation where the individual meets clinic’s criteria for legal assistance. Be advised that the limitation to file a Plaintiff’s claim is 2 years from the date the cause of action first arose.

We also give advice and representation where merited in respect of clients who have to serve a Defence. Be advised of the short limitation to file a Defence if you have been served with a Plaintff’s claim. You have only 20 days from the date you have been served with the Plaintiff’s claim to file and serve a Defence.

Please contact us for an appointment if you seek assistance with a Small Claims Court matter.

For more information on Small Claims Court processes, visit:

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